Top Ten Apps 2017

Top Ten Apps 2017

After much discussion and deliberation the SITE Apps Club members are proud to give you the ‘Top Ten Apps of 2017’!

1 Seeing AI. This app is fantastic as it incorporates different apps into one. With this app you can scan text in real-time to a good degree of accuracy. You are able to scan whole documents. Recognise products such as a bottle of Pepsi by scanning the barcode. It can recognise peoples face and tell you who they are. Finally it can describe what is around you. This app is free. It is only available on iOS but is due to be released on android next year.

2 Wetherspoons app. This is a great app that lets you go into a branch of Wetherspoons sit at your table of choice and order and pay directly from you phone. It is fully accessible using voiceover and will allow full access to there menu including any promotions. The staff will then bring your order over to your table. This app is available on most devices

3 Moovit. Is a Transport app that allows you to pick your starting location. End location then plan your journey for you. It will give you walking directions to the correct bus stop or train station. Tell you when the right service is near. Tell you when to get off the service. And continue directions to your end location. This app is available on most devices.

4 Kindle. The worlds most popular ebook reader has a wide range of accessible options built into the app. These include the ability to increase the text size. Change the colour of both text and background. It is also fully compatible with voiceover and talkback. This app is available on most devices.

5 Google maps. There is so much stuff that this app can do. It is able to give you turn by turn directions to your end destination. Tell you what public transport you will have to use to get there. And a lot more. This app is available on most devices.

6 Facebook. The worlds most popular social media app. With this app you are able to keep up to date with what your co workers are having for dinner. Socialise with friends from all over the world. Find out what your favourite charity is planning. This app is available on most devices.

7 Tune in Radio. You can listen to world wide radio from the comfort of your phone. Very accessible. This app is available on most devices.

8 BeMyEyes. This impressive app lets you use your smart phone to place a video call to a volunteer on the apps server. The volunteer is then able to be your eyes and provide you with the assistance or description that you request. This app is available on most devices.

9 Sky plus and Virgin Media Anywhere. These apps allow you to use your smart device to control your digital TV Service. You are able to change channels access recordings delete and set up recordings. These apps use the accessibility options that you have setup on your device and in so doing make your service more accessible. These apps are available on most devices.

10 Visor. This is a great magnifying app that has a very simple layout and is very easy to use. It will enhance any text to make it more visible and will go up to 12 times zoom. It also has the ability to place filters to change both the text and background colours.

Upcoming app for 2018

Welcome. This is a new app that only was released last August. This app gives you the ability to create a profile on what additional help you require. Eg sited guide or wheelchair access. Then if you are visiting a venue such as a hotel you can book in on the app for the day you are arriving, so that when you walk through the door a member of staff will welcome you and give you the correct assistance. This has a lot of potential to be used in places such as Hospitals, Shopping Malls and restaurants. The app also lets you request venues to be compliant with the service.