Helping hands Talking News

Helping hands for the blind Talking News

HHB Talking News is a free bi - weekly service featuring articles from local newspapers.
We produce one edition every fortnight, each edition also contains an events update.
We give sight impaired and listeners with other disabilities the independent means of keeping in touch with what's going on in the local community.
We have a range of listening options available to help keep you in touch with local life: 1. USB stick - Recordings Posted to you on a memory stick you will need access to a computer or a USB memory stick player (which we can provide at a cost of £42.
2. Email - Recordings sent to you via an email attachment.
3. Telephone - Listen via a simple telephone call.
4. Smart Speaker - enable the talking newspaper service skill on your smart speaker at home] we can help you with this].
5. On the internet.

WHO CAN RECEIVE The Talking News?

Anyone who is sight impaired and listeners with other disabilities can receive these recordings.
We welcome new listeners locally, nationally and worldwide.
The recordings are sent in plastic wallets using the free Articles For The Blind Royal Mail service.
You return your wallet, including the USB stick, by placing it in your nearest post box. No stamp is needed.

Why not sign up for your local HHB Talking News today by completing a form!
A member of our Talking News team will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and process your order.