HHCR Programme schedule.

Helping hands community radio Programme schedule.

Monday till Friday.

07:00 The Morning Shuffel.
10:00 Daytimes on HHCR.
12:00 Now that's what i call the 80's.
14:00 Daytimes on HHCR.
13:00 Day times on hhcr.
16:00 Living with sight loss information.
17:00 Motown years on HHCR.
18:00 evenings on hhcr.
21:00 club classics.
24:00 Through the night.


07:00 weekend breakfast show.
09:00 Saturday daytimes.
13:00 Blind alive show
14:00 Afternoon Shuffel.
16:00 living with sight loss information
17:00 Saturday evenings
18:00 The Big Dog show with Big Al. Email Big Al

19:00 The Party Playlist with David Chatten-Smith.
20:00 saturday night evenings.
24:00 Through the night.


07:00 weekend breakfast show
09:00 Weekend love songs.
10:00 My Kind of Music with Jayne Summers. Email the studio

11:00 Sunday daytimes.
14:00 weekend afternoon shuffel.
16:00 That 70's sound with Dave Edwards
17:00 Sunday evenings
21:00 Smooth Jazz.
22:00 music on demand.
24:00 Through the night.

Please note, times are aproxx only, and may be changed with out notice. End of programming.