Dinner in the Dark FAQ'S

Dinner in the Dark What does it all mean?
Here you will find a few questions about this event, we think that we have thought of the questions that you may have, but if not then please email us.
Q. what is Dinner in the Dark?
A. Just as it sounds, enjoy a taste busting Dinner in the Dark.

Q. Why?
A. Have you ever wondered how a blind or visually impaired person enjoys dinner, now you can experience it for your self.

Q. How will this be done?
A. We will issue every person with a blind fold, for them to use as soon as they are sitting down to eat.

Q. Do I have to ware a blindfold
A. Not at all, but should you not want to ware a blind fold then a donation of £2 is required.

Q. Do I have to keep the blindfold on all night? A. No, only for the time that you are eating your meal.
Q. Will I get any help?
A. before you start, you will be given a quick lesson on the Clock face procedure on your plate.

Q. I’m not sure, about the blindfold, can I change my mind after I have started eating?
A. yes, but don’t forget the extra £2 donation.

Q. What about cutting up my meal?
A. that is up to you, if you would like to ask for help, although the meals that have been selected are very easy to eat.

Q. why are you doing this event in October?
A. We decided to hold this event in October as the second Thursday of October is World Sight Day.

Q. Where does my ticket cost go to?
A. The cost of your ticket, pays for your 2 coarse meal, the rest goes to pay for your entertainment for the night.

Q. what about my £2 donation if I decided not to ware a blindfold?
A. that donation will go towards Helping Hands for the blind.

Q. Can I get a refund if I can not go for any reason?
A. Sorry, but no, all tickets are non-refundable.

We hope that the above has answered any questions that you may have, but if not then Email us